Storytelling Training

Create your perfect story

Storytelling is a magical way to bring you and your client together.

Show them you understand and that you, above all others, know their struggle, can solve their problems, and be the guiding light they deserve

Pollie can teach you how to find craft and deliver the story that will set you apart, get you heard, but most importantly will make you memorable in a busy world.

1 to 1 Story Creation

Working together on a one-to-one basis to complete your perfect story or stories.

We can work together to find a single story or multiple stories for different occasions, Learn when and how to tell them, create longer or shorter versions,

Work them into a presentation or talk along with performance training.

Bespoke for your needs

White woman with pink hair named Pollie Rafferty in a field. She is smiling and has her hands in the air celebrating

Speedy Story Session

If you already know your story and need to polish or enhance delivery. Maybe there is something not quite right that you can’t put your finger on.

Or you need to find the right story but are feeling like you don’t have one and you want to work this out first this in-depth fast-paced session is a perfect starting point.

Then Pollie can help you

Investment £145

Group Training

Online group training is available at intervals throughout the year, often with an online summit connected at the end for participants to gain experience and put into practice their new skills and confidence.

Work in a small supportive group to discover your story. Learn to tell your story with Confidence, Clarity and Conviction.

To make the training accessible to as many people as possible Pollie has created 3 levels of training. You get to choose if would benefit from one to one training  sessions and the level of feedback and support needed. This flexibility is perfect for small businesses and new speakers.

In-person group training available to book

White woman with pink hair named Pollie Rafferty in a field. She is smiling and has her hands in the air celebrating

Become part of our storytelling community

Welcome to our vibrant community, where strong, confident speakers come together to share stories and make a meaningful impact on the world. With Pollie’s Star Speaking system and Star Storytelling System, you’ll learn how to maximise your presentations by harnessing the power of storytelling.

Unlock Your Potential

Pollie will personally guide and support you in enhancing your speaking skills, refining your stage presence, and deepening your connection with your audience. Through a combination of training, blueprints, guides, and community support, you’ll have the tools and encouragement to flourish as a public speaker.

Make Your Mark

Once you’ve worked with Pollie, you’ll experience a newfound confidence in your speaking abilities and a greater sense of purpose. Say goodbye to doubts and negative perceptions as you confidently share your story and message with the world. Recognise the profound impact you can have on your audience and the wider world, and step into your role as a catalyst for positive change.

Ready to blossom into a confident speaker who leaves a lasting impression?

Decide to work with Pollie and join our community today and embark on a journey of growth, empowerment, and transformation.

Together, let’s make a difference one story at a time.


Happy Clients

What people have said

I am so grateful for Pollie Rafferty, you are such a treasure I found myself underestimating my story.

Aleksandre Rehar
Quantum Business Leaders

You are such an exceptional elicitor of stories Pollie. Thank you such an inspirational night. I’m pumped!

Najla Turk
Beyond Diversity to Future Impact