Pollie Rafferty
The Speakers Storyteller

I’d love to tell you a bit more about me and my mission as a storyteller and how I want to changes lives and the world through teaching people to share their stories.

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“A big thank you to Pollie Rafferty for taking the time to speak with me and analyse my story. Thank you for the advice and tips. It’s good to have someone look at it from a different perspective.

International Speaker and the creator of the Star Storytelling System

Pollie’s mission is clear: to elevate the art of storytelling and empower speakers to confidently share their stories, attract more clients, and serve a broader audience.

From Darkness to Light: Pollie Rafferty’s Journey

In 2004, Pollie Rafferty embarked on a personal journey out of crippling anxiety and depression, which had confined her to her own home. It was during this challenging time that Pollie discovered the transformative power of performance storytelling.

Since then, Pollie has graced stages in schools, networking events, and prestigious venues like the BBC open space in Birmingham, showcasing the captivating allure of storytelling.

Supporting Others Through Shared Stories

At the heart of Pollie’s work lies a deep commitment to support and uplift others. Through her own journey of overcoming obstacles, Pollie Rafferty understands the power of shared stories in fostering connection and healing.

Pollie Rafferty not only shares her own experiences but also empowers others to share their stories, creating a supportive community where individuals can find strength and solidarity.

Building a Community of Strong Storytellers

Pollie envisions a world where storytelling is not just an art form but a tool for empowerment and change.

Through her work, Pollie Rafferty seeks to build a community of strong storytellers who harness the power of narrative to inspire, educate, and transform. By fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among storytellers, Pollie Rafferty cultivates an environment where voices are heard, stories are valued, and change is ignited.

Bringing Positive Change to the World

Pollie’s values extend beyond personal success to a broader vision of positive change. With each story shared, each audience engaged, she strives to make a meaningful impact on the world around her.

Through storytelling, Pollie Rafferty believes in the power to challenge perceptions, spark conversations, and drive progress towards a more inclusive and compassionate society.