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Create your perfect story today

Storytelling is a magical way to bring you and your client together.

Show them you understand and that you above all others know their struggle, can solve their problems, and be the guiding light they deserve

Pollie can teach you how to find craft and deliver the Story that will set you apart, get you heard, but most importantly will make you memorable in a busy world.


1-1 Story Creation

Working together on a one-to-one basis to complete your perfect story or stories. We can work together to find a single story or multiple stories for different occasions, Learn when and how to tell them, create longer or shorter versions, Work them into a presentation or talk along with performance training.

Bespoke for your needs.

Speedy Story Session

If you already know your story and need to polish or enhance delivery, There is something not quite right that you can’t put your finger on.

Or you need to find the right story but are feeling like you don’t have one and you want to work this out first this in-depth fast-paced session is a perfect starting point.

Investment £145

Group Training

Online group training is available at intervals throughout the year often with an online summit connected at the end for participants to gain experience.

Work in a group to discover your story, Learn to tell it with Confidence, Clarity and Conviction. Group training includes some one-to-one sessions and is perfect for small businesses and new speakers.

in-person group training available to book

About Pollie

Pollie is known globally as The Speakers Storyteller, she is an international speaker and performance storyteller. Pollie is building awareness of storytelling to support speakers to confidently share stories to gain more clients and serve more people. Pollie is the creator of the STAR Speaking system.

Pollie discovered performance storytelling in 2004. Whilst on her own Journey out of crippling Anxiety and Depression that had her trapped in her own home. She has performed as a storyteller in schools, networking events, and more, including the BBC open space in Birmingham as part of Arts Fest for two years running. She then started to study storytelling, learning about Its history, purpose, and effects.

As a lifelong learner, Pollie noticed a difference with speakers that inspired, informed and interested her, these were the storytellers! Since then, Pollie has spent years researching the effect storytelling has in life and business, why it makes a difference in any speaking situation, and how it generates an instant connection.

Pollie has used her unique perspective to create the STAR speaking system, Teaching Speakers and businesses how to harness the power of storytelling to set them apart from the crowd, Get their message heard and connect with their customers.

Pollie has a passion for our young people and after being groomed as a teen wants to stop that happening to others so works part-time as a youth worker. She has a diploma in narrative therapy and a qualification in psychology. Her belief lies within the power of storytelling and how it can be harnessed to empower, Ignite, and show it’s never too late to make a change. Prove that hope still exists. Create new fairy tales for the modern age, teach our young people to create a better future and hopefully raise awareness so that what happened to her as a young person doesn’t happen to others.



Storytelling is as important in your branding as the Logo, colours and imagery. Through storytelling, you can share your values, purpose, and mission. share why you are the right person, connect with your audience and show how you are unique from your competitors

Driven by values

Pollie believes that stories are like Dandelions they are useful, tenacious and can prosper in the harshest of conditions. Pollie wants to encourage people to share their stories so that others can benefit from the knowledge and experiences that are unique to them. She firmly believes everyone has a story that needs to be shared and wants to create a community of confident and clear voices sharing their stories with the world. She feels that if there are enough stories being told there will be new lasting fairy tales born to be passed on to future generations.

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